General Manager Xie Invited to the Feasibility Study Meeting  


25-26 August, General Manager Xie Jingfen, served as expert, attended feasibility study meeting of Overall Planning of Service Center of Guangzhou Nansha Modern City Agriculture Industry Park (Overall Planning for short) invited by Government of Nansha District. Other members of expert group included Prof. Wei Wei, Director of Tourism and Hotel Management Dept., Economic and Trade School of SCUT; Doc. Liu Ye, Associate Professor of School of Architecture,
SCUT and Director of Research Institute of Subtropical Zone Planning and Design; Zhou Linsheng, Vice-Chairman and Secretary-general of China Society of Economic Reform; Zhou Canfang, Director of Consulting Center of Sci-tech Information Institute, GAAS; Liu Jinding, Senior Consultant and Director of Zhuhai Agricultural Scientific Research Center. Expert group did fieldwork of the industry park, listened to the introduction of the planning by Zhuhai Agricultural Scientific Research Center and discussed it from different perspective of academic discipline. Based on the strategic positioning, operational mode, brand building, business planning, investment and economic predicting of the industry park, General Manager Xie Jingfen expressed his opinion on the planning, which was paid much attention by the officials from Administration of State-Owned Property Rights of Nansha District, leaders from the industry park and other experts.