Teamwork Training Course Held by Success PR and GZ Seismological Office 


A teamwork training course was held by Success PR and GZ Seismological Office at Guangzhou Earthquake Monitoring Center (GEMC) on 25 May, 2009. All staff of GZ Seismological Office and GEMC, Success PR project team members attended the training.

The training course contained three parts. The first part was the presentation by the leader of GZ Seismological Office using practical cases of GEMC management to clarify the five functions of management-plan, organize, lead, control and create. The second part was the presentation “How to Build a High Efficient Team ”by Success PR with interactive game to enhance the teamwork spirit. And the last but not the least part was “PPT Making Skills” by Success PR to help trainees gain more useful skills of showing their presentations by computer.

This interactive training course made both teams know each other more and enhanced the working efficiency.