Great Developmental Vision of the Cooperation between Guangdong PR and HK PR- HK PR Professionals’ Association’s Visit to Guangzhou

26 people from HK PR Professionals’ Association’s Interactive Group came to Guangzhou for two-day visit and exchange of ideas with Guangzhou PR. After this visit they all believed that Hong Kong and Guangdong are labors based on rich humanity relations and close economic cooperation that inevitably lead to great development vision of PR cooperation.

This exchange meeting between HK PR and Guangdong PR was aimed to promote the exchange between them. Their activities are rich including a visit to leaders of Guangdong United Front Work Department of CPC Committee and listening to the introduction of Guangzhou 2010 urban planning by Bureau of Urban Planning of Guangzhou Municipality. The interactive group also attended the interactive seminar hosted by Guangdong PR Association and Public Communication School of Sun Yat-sen University, and traveled throughout the new and old district including foreign funded enterprise-Arnway and state owned enterprise- Guangzhou Chen Li Ji Pharmaceutical Ltd., Success PR and Zong Heng Si Hai Media Co., Ltd. Through this interactive event, PR of HK and Guangdong has promoted the mutual understanding.

The interactive group felt great honor to the reception by Jiang Leyi, Administrative Vice Minister of Guangdong United Front Work Department of CPC Committee. Jiang expressed warm welcome to HK friends and welcomed them to Guangzhou for exchange and investment in his welcome remark. Cui Qiyun, Head of the Delegation of HK PR Professionals’ Association, also thanked Jiang’s hospitality. They exchanged gifts to each other.

Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government Foreign Affairs Office arranged the interactive group to listen to the future urban plan of Guangzhou by Bureau of Urban Planning of Guangzhou Municipality. Yang Ximin, Vice General Planner,? ?described in detail the long history of Guangzhou’s city construction and the city development plan named “Extending East and Joint West, Expand South and Co-operate North”. The interactive group put a high value on the development plan and believed that PR industry would have a better future of development under such circumstance. Yang said that he had stayed in touch with HK PR and hoped to build the relation with HK PR Professionals’ Association to main the good communication and create more cooperation in the aspect of public affairs.

On the morning of 1st March Hou Tao and Cui Qiyun introduced the current situation and development trend of Guangdong and HK respectively, Zhang Ning, Public Communication Department Director of Politics and Public Affairs Management School of Sun Yat-sen University, and Associate Professor Tan Kunzhi elaborated the school’s construction, majors characteristics, faculty, teaching planning and awards in recent years. All felt the language, culture and humanity relations of two cities are alike. In recent years economic trade has formed integrated development pattern. There are over seventy thousand HK funded enterprises in Guangzhou. The demand of State own enterprises to expand to the international market through HK is increasing. Therefore, Guangdong and HK PR have a great vision of development and cooperation. In the mealtime, they hoped to strengthen the mutual cooperation and interactivity with regards to practice and academy in the future.

During the stay in Guangzhou, HK PR Professionals’ Association divided into two groups to visit two well-known local PR companies- Success PR and Zong Heng Si Hai Media Co., Ltd. During the visit, the practitioners of Guangdong and HK discussed the management issues including the necessity of PR planning and research, how to maintain the stability of staffs and how to enhance the satisfaction of the clients. Both PRs did not agree to simply distribute news dispatches and pay the news. Xie Jingfen, General Manager of Success PR, said the key to deal with the media relations was to main the good communication and build the relation of mutual friendly cooperation with the media. The key factor to provide high-quality services is to build the trust relation with the clients. Xie also thought companies needed to care of and incent their staffs, and meanwhile create the development space for them because it was important to main the core staffs. Wu Dongxing, General Manager of Zong Heng Si Hai Media Co., Ltd said one of the keys to attract clients is to pay more attention to the actually work effectiveness. The idea “Achieving win-win partnership through growing together” proposed by both companies was approved by the HK visitors. Founded in 1995, HK PR Professionals’ Association is comprised by local PR practitioners. It has dedicated to enhancing the status of PR industry and driving people to raise the awareness of the industry. With the closer contact between mainland and HK, the association has visited and communicated with the PRs of many cities in mainland, such as Beijing and Shanghai in recent years. Though Guangzhou and HK are separated by Pearl River, their PR industries have many characteristics in common. Therefore, PRs in two cities all hope to expand the market by learning from the other’s experience. The visit to Guangzhou is a good platform to realize this hope.