The General Manager of Success PR Attended the Symposium on Public Relations in Macao

On 30th March 2007, the General Manager, Mr. Xie Jingfen was invited to the Symposium on Public Relations in Macao sponsored by China’s International PR Association and the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Macao University. Scholars and practitioners from the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao attended the symposium.

The Secretary for Information of Macao Special Administrative Region Government,Mr. Chen Zhiping made a speech with the theme of the Current Situation and the Prospect of the Relationship between the Macao Government and the Media. He introduced the mode of operation of the Macao Government in details and placed the emphases on the experience of the effective communication between the government and the media within the context of the fusion of the Eastern and Western Culture. His speech fully displayed the Macao’s Information Bureau serving as public relations for the government.

The well-known PR scholar of the Boston University, Prof. Otto Lerbinger made a speech on How the Public Relations Help Address the Crisis Management in China from the perspective of the definition, characteristics and types of crisis as the start-point, emphasizing on the four steps of crisis management: alleviation, preparedness, response and restoration. He pointed out that public relations should play an important role in the crisis management when China’s economy is in the stage of rapid development which results in crises. For example, monitoring crisis, communication media, staff education, crisis management, strengthening organizational culture and reconstruction organizations reputation and so on. He also pointed that public relations practitioners should serve as application-based social scientists who master the knowledge of psychology, management and globalization.

In the afternoon, the forum on the public relations was held. The experts and the scholars from the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao discussed the development of the public relations practice together. In the forum, the General Manager of Success PR, Mr. Xie Jingfen, Chairman of Hong Kong Public Relations Professionals Association, Miss Cui Qiyun, Prof. Huang Yihui from the National Chengchi University of Taiwan and the Assistant Professor Chen Yiru from the Macao University made presentations on current situation and prospect of public relations in the mainland, HK, Taiwan and Macao. Four speakers introduced the common situation of PR in terms of media PR, government relations, marketing PR, image management, crisis management and event planning etc. by citing the vivid local cases respectively. They also pointed out the different characteristics of respective places: The mainland public relations took the leading in introducing the professional qualification training and the checking system promoted by China’s governments and the International Public Relations Association with the tide of the rapid economic development; Hong Kong's financial public relations, corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate governance and political public relations are more active; Taiwan shows its prominent personality in terms of integrated marketing communication and public relations election; Macao’s tourism and gambling industry public relations are booming, though it has no public relations corporations. They four thought that the main trend of PR development focused on the crisis management and multi-cultural communication, and the development bottlenecks were senior public relations professionals and the core values and core technology of public relations.

After the meeting, the Secretary of Information of Macao Special Administrative Region Government,Mr. Chen Zhiping invited all the guests to the banquet full of flavor with the Portuguese dishes and showed them to review the Macao's public relations of gambling business