Success PR’s MPP Contributed to Protection Against Earthquake Disasters

12th May afternoon, Success PR’s MPP (Multimedia Presentation Package) with the theme of “Guangdong’s Protection Against, Resistance and Mitigation of Earthquake Disasters” presented to leaders of Guangdong Earthquake Bureau was received highly praise. When Wenchuan’s earthquake happened, menbers of Success PR at the Earthquake Bureau witnessed leaders in it concentrated on their work of protection against and mitigation earthquake disasters.

Since the end of 2007, Success PR was responsible for communication management of GZ and GD protection against, resistance and mitigation of earthquake disasters, Members of Success PR believed that their contribution to it was a part of their social CSR.

MPP, the new digital product created by Success PR recently, can be applied to conference, exhibition, market promotion and presentation for enterprises and organizations. Clients who have
used MPP all praised its good effect.