The 10th Nansha Science and Technology Forum Successfully Held in Nansha IT Park
On 30th November, 2007, the 10th Nansha Science and Technology Forum, with the theme of Society and population, was successfully held in Nansha IT Park, marking the end of the two-year forum of ten topics. Mr. Nai-Lin Feng, Director-General of Department of Population and Employment Statistics, National Bureau of Statistics of China; Professor David C L Liu, Former President of Tsinghua University (Hsin-chu); An-Gang Hu, Professor of School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University; Professor Yi Zeng, Director of Center for Healthy Aging and Family Studies, Peking University; Professor Ruo-Jian Li, Director of Institute of Population Research , Sun Yat-sen University; Jow-Ching TU, Professor of Division of Social Science, HKUST attended the forum and made wonderful speech on slowing down the aging of population and polarization. This forum also organized discussions of how to create a stabile and harmonious society. There were more than 760 audients attending the forum including people from departments of government, teachers and students from universities and colleges, technicians from research institutes, deputies of related industry in Guangzhou and management of enterprises in Pearl Delta Region.