The 3rd Nansha Science and Technology Forum Successfully Held in Nansha IT Park
Sponsored by Fok Ying Tung Foundation, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, and executively organized by Guangdong Success PR & Management Consultants LTD, the 3rd Nansha Science and Technology Forum was successfully held in Nansha IT Park on 25-26 August, 2006, themed on Bioinformation and Future Medicine. Many famous scholars from home and abroad, and industrial experts were invited for specific speeches including Prof. Bai-Lin Hao, Academician of Chinese Academy of Science, T-life Research Center, Fudan University, the Institute of Theoretical Physical, CAS; Dr. Kit Fun Lao, Science Fellow of Statistical Genetics, Celera Diagnostics (USA); Prof. Hannah Xue, Associate Professor of Department of Biochenistry, Bioinformatics Center and Applied Genomics Laboratory, HKUST; Prof. Cai-you Wang, Vice-director of Center for Health Statistics and Information, Ministry of Health, PRC; Dr. Michael Shi, Director of Biomarker Development of Nivartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (USA); Prof. Hua-liang Jiang, Associate Director of Shanghai Institute of Material Medica, CAS, Head of Drug Discovery and Design Center; Mr. Tecksin Lim, Chief Executive Officer of Kooprime Pte. Ltd.(Singapore); Prof. An-Long Xu, Dean of College of Life Science, Sun Yatsen University, who made wonderful speeches with the theme of Bioinformation and Future Medicine. The participants had a good opinion on the forum.