Earlier News Updates


 □ General Manager Xie Jingfen was elected the Vice-secretary of Guangzhou Public Relations Association and a member
     of public relations professional committee of national professional qualification committee again, and a member of
     public relations expert group appointed by National Labor and Social Security.

 □ In May, 2004, Success PR executively organized the series of activities about Guangzhou Science and Technology
     Activity Week including Guangzhou Science Conference, Guangzhou Science and Technology Activity Week and the
     opening ceremony of Science Exhibition, and Literature Show performed by engineers in Guangzhou area.

 □ In June 2004, the leader group of eliminating pornography and illegal publications cooperated with Guangzho Customs
     to hold the activity of protecting intellectually properties rights and destroying smuggling optical disk by melting and
     burning, and Huangpu Customs sponsored the scene conference of destroying Infringing products by melting and burning.
     Success PR executively organized these events.

 □ At the beginning of 2004, Success PR helped certain food corporation deal with the public relations crisis events.

 □ In April 2004, Success PR undertook the opening ceremony of Dongsung Chemical Co. Ltd., a Korea enterprise.

 □ In March 2004, Success PR undertook the event of Nu Skin’s new product Epoch, the series of pure life product,
     entering into the market and the press release conference of meeting Prof. Kebaier.