□  Strategic Consultant and Planning of PR
□  Strategic Consultant and Planning of Corporative
□  Research and Evaluation of Corporative Environment
□  Yearly PR Consultative Service
□  Branding Management Consultant
□  Communication Service of Governmental Public Affairs
□  Customer Relations
□  Employees Relations
□  Community Relations
□  Financial Relations
□  Investor Relations
□  Corporate Society Responsibility
□  Media Relations
□  Monitoring and Evaluation of Media Coverage
□  Crisis Management and Issue Management
□  Event Planning and Executive Management (Various       Public Activities, Signature Ceremony, Opening
      Ceremony,Anniversary Activity and Entertainment       Performance)
□  Exhibition Planning and Executive Management       (Evaluating Conference of Science and Technology       Project, Forum and Seminar, Business Promotion       Conference, Strategic Annual Conference and Other       ExhibitionPlanning and Design)
□  Design, Making, Agency and Release of Various Advertising
□  Network Planning, Design, Making and Maintaining
□  Multimedia Promotional Gift Design and Making
□  Market Research
□  Marketing and Promotion Communication Strategy       (Communication of New Product Launch, Integrated       Marketing Communication)
□  Corporate Identity System
□  Edit and Design of Promotional Picture Album, Annual       Report and InternalPublication
□  Planning, Editing and Filming TV Film on Special Topics,       VNR and Advertising Film Photography
□  Designing and Making Various Promotional Products, Books       and Product Packaging
□  Customized Services of Advertising and Guest Gifts
□  Professional PR and Management Training