Films on Special Topics, Advertising Films and Multimedia
■“Review of Guangzhou’s Implementation of Law of Protecting Against and Mitigating Earthquake     Disasters in the Past Ten Years” (2007)
■“Livzon- Pearl of Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry”(2007)
■“Guide to Customs Clearance for General Administration of Customs”(2007)
■“ 40th Anniversary of Li Min”(2006)
■Large-scale Multimedia Courseware “Online Supervision of Process and Trade” for Process and     TradeMinistry of General Administration of Customs(2006)
■“Deep Affection in the Bloom of Youth.” for the 20th Anniversary of Management School of Sun     Yat-sen University(2005)
■“Guide to Customs Clearance for General Administration of China Customs” (2005)
■Film on the Topic of “Ben Cao Jing Hua” for Livzon’s Sen Qi Fu Zheng Zhu She Ye (2002)
■Series of Advertisement for Hengtong Card and the Financial Products “Li Cai Yi” for the Credit     Cooperatives of Shunde(1999-2002) Advertising Film for Livzon’s Nao Li Long (1996)