Public Affairs Communication

■Opening Ceremony for Guangzhou Branch Museum under China Customs(2007)
■Ceremony of Handing over Seizure of Smuggled Cultural Relics by Guangzhou Customs to     Guangdong Province Cultural Department (2005)
■Title Awarding Ceremony of Honesty Enterprises by Guangzhou Customs(2005)
■The 40th Anniversary of Guangzhou Old Folks’ Home and the Inauguration of CI Hui Building (2005)
■“Fighting Smuggling, Protecting IPR” by Guangzhou Customs (2004)
■Award Ceremony of Reviewing Police by Guangdong Customs (2004)
■Guangzhou Science and Technology Progress Weekly Activities (2004)
■Naming Ceremony for Guangzhou Top Eight Scenic Spot in New Century(2002)
■Promotion project for China Port System in South China(2001)